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23-year-old student died under football doorframe of Shanghai Electric Power College-football doorframe smashing and killing incident of Shanghai Electric Power College

Mr. Zhang graduated from Northeast Electric Power University in July, 2013, majoring in electrical engineering. He was only 23 years old. In July, he signed a contract with Taizhou No. 2 Power Plant of Zhengneng Group. On November 3, 2013, Mr. Zhang was dispatched by his unit, Taizhou No. 2 Power Generation Co., Ltd. of Zhengneng Group. and went to Shanghai Electric Power College for training and study with other newly recruited employees. At about 8:45 p.m. on November 9, 2013, Zhang and his classmates were exercising in the stadium of Shanghai Electric Power College. Unexpectedly, the football door frame of the stadium fell and hit Zhang on his head and face. Zhang was crushed to the ground, and his head was seriously deformed. When he was sent to the nearby Yangpu District Central Hospital, he had no vital signs such as heartbeat, breathing and so on. The hospital declared him dead at 9:15.

After the accident, Shanghai Morning News reporters rushed to the scene for the first time. No fixed connection device was found between the football door frame and the ground. After careful inspection, it was found that there were no warning or warning signs about the safety of the relevant sports equipment around the playground.

A few days later, two football doorframes at the stadium of Shanghai Electric Power College had been quietly removed from the stadium, after the stadium was opened to students.

After the accident happened on November 9, family members communicated with the school many times. Shanghai Electric Power College still does not think that the accident of Mr. Zhang should bear the responsibility for safety, nor apologize to the family members of the deceased. Finally, it said that only on the basis of sympathy can it be given certain economic compensation. The police have not responded to the family's request on November 11, and have not yet issued a written report on the accident investigation. Up to now, Zhang's body is still stored in the mortuary of Yangpu District Central Hospital. The mother of the child has been bedridden because she can't withstand the attack.

Mr. Zhang is a good student in the eyes of teachers, a good partner in the eyes of students, a pride in the eyes of parents, and an excellent employee in the eyes of company leaders. In June 2012, the third World University Dragon Boat Championship men's 500 meters straight race first. In July 2012, he won the first prize in the third college students'social practice and science and technology competition on energy conservation and emission reduction. In August 2012, "Kaisheng Kaineng Cup" was awarded the second prize in the 5th National College Students'Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction. In the academic year of 2009-2010, he won the first-class scholarship for outstanding students, and in the academic year of 2010-2011, he won the national inspirational scholarship. In the 2011-2012 academic year, he won the Innovation Scholarship. In the work of the annual League in 2011, he was named "excellent League member".

Mr. Zhang, who has just entered the company in July 2013, ranked first in all the previous professional skills examinations, and won the first place in the unit electrical engineering vocational skills examination. In September 2013, "Dream of Life" won the third prize in the unit essay contest.

With infinite confidence and longing for life, he left the world in a hurry with regret.


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