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The 13-year-old boy in Lion City was killed by the football doorframe. It's too bad!

On the morning of April 24, a 13-year-old male student at Yalangmei Yimei Middle School in Singapore, who was playing football in school physical education, was suddenly hit on the head by a broken football door frame, and died!

Incident Football Stadium

It is known that the deceased was a Malay male student, and the police are still investigating the whole accident. However, some netizens told us that the boy was hanging the door frame to play, and the door frame fell down like this

Whichever parent can't accept a child's physical education class, then play will encounter fatal accidents, and football doorframe, which should be solid, solid things, how can easily be pulled down by a 13-year-old boy? What a mystery! 

Accidental deaths of young people in schools have also been reported from time to time in Singapore, but they all have a reason to complain.


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